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Tony and Una are a special musical brew, woven on the strands of Irish and northern hue. Tony plays guitar, as gritty as the northern skies he called home. Una brings the gentle heartfelt tones of Ireland. Add a touch of darkness to the mix and together they paint vivid musical pictures of life and loss.

     Currently working on their new album “Dog pooh corner” for release in January 2017, they have issued a single called Fallen Stars. Think of this as an side door to a show only you know about. This album follows on from their 2007 critically acclaimed first album Clearwater (under the name No Fixed Abode). a blend of quality musicians including Ashley Hutchins on bass, making the full sound they wanted. Catching the essence of the troubadour singer songwriters from the past, together with a full band sound, they weave words and music to create haunting  memories, like ghosts in the snow.

      Playing live they have toured the UK, from Cumbria to Cornwall, Dorset to Yorkshire quietly cajoling audiences into their music. No record deal, no TV show, no Manager, no hype, no short cuts, just honest music by honest musicians.

       Brave is often the word used to describe their belief in music. After forty, they give up their careers just to make the music they believe in. Some would call it crazy, others chasing a dream. For them it is why they get up in the mornings, as for you, listen then decide.

      Their influences are collected like scattered seeds, Deep Purple to Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen to Dolly Parton, Doors to Supertramp. Stones, Beatles,Eagles  All massed and scattered wildely in their own musical garden.                        

      The truth is always in the music. Words are just foreplay, they tantalise you, but nothing is as important as the music  ready for you to listen to. The sun’s shining, get lost in the garden, who knows what .you might discover


My name is Una. I come from a small farm in Southern Ireland in the county of Louth. As a country girl I started singing at churches and although I was a shy, I was not given much choice! There was a time that not a single Wedding, funeral or party did not include a solo from me. As time passed I became the principal singer at the world famous Bunratty Castle in Shannon. I sang there for three years and traveled the world, performing on Radio and TV shows and for the Hoi polloi, including the president of the USA. It was a great time and singing live in places like Carnegie hall certainly got my attention! I even toured the USA again, this time as miss Danny Boy for Miller beer.

I eventually settled down in England with Tony. We have been working together now for some time writing songs and playing gigs. Nothing too fancy, we leave that to the young un's! I guess you could call us the wandering  Troubadours, we quietly go around the UK playing the music we love and enjoy meeting the people who "don't walk the main roads" Much more fun for us!! Sadly we both don't have egos so instead of flash words all I would say is have a listen to the music and see if it touches your soul!!



Tony comes from Manchester and from the age of 12 he has always played live music. Firstly with a brass band and then at the age of 16 he got his first guitar. You can often ask Tony about the music of the late 60's/70's as he has a passion for the music that was around then. He still has some old Sounds newspapers from that time!! Most of his early life music took a backward step, but together with Una music is now firmly back at the top of the list. As well as playing live Tony spends his days on the computer recording all the new songs that will one day make it into there live set. To give you a little taste of what both Tony and Una work towards, think of the famous American club the Troupadour and the artists like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell as well as some great old rock bands like Deep Purple. Like Una, Tony just hopes that once you have listened you will be back for more!