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Hi all,

        Been a while and I guess a little silent from us, but in truth we are still busy little bees!!. A few things to tell you about. We are hoping to do a little TV item that you will find on freeview in a little while. We record in July and once we have the broadcast date we will let you know more. Also been doing a few bits of video stuff and while this will take a while to sort out we will start to put up the videos on here. There is also another TV appearance  planned in November, again more info nearer the time.

As usual recording the new album is still ongoing........ Tony can only say that it seems like a journey where you take three steps forward and two backwards??? slowly going mad!! Still however small the steps are, we ARE going forward!. 

The Uk is enjoying the hottest spell since 1976......not good for Una but at least we are playing a lot of gigs outside in the shade. Remember to go to our gig guide for info.

Well that is it for now....enjoy the summer while it lasts and we will put another update on here soon.