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Hi all,

        Well here we are in the height of the summer and still we are busy trying to get all our videos done for a new adventure!! Yes we are determined to bring you Unavision!! This will be a show of about 50-60 min long every two weeks starting in November if all goes well. So much work had been done but still a lot left to do. To try and give you just a snippet we have added a page of some short videos that we did. They will not be in the show but are “spare” for use in trying to get gigs. Because of this they will NOT go on youtube (he says???) so please go and have a look at them...there are a few and I will be adding them to our facebook page slowly so for now, you can only see them here!!

          As usual as it is getting near the height of summer we are busy playing live most weekends, this means lots of trips to the seaside and as part on our show we are filming out and about and will be making a little section called the “tour guide”.  Think of places like Bath and weymouth and you get the idea. Just a little 10-15 min section. Add to that some more “chat” and three “new” song videos and you start to get the idea. 

          Well that is enough for now to let you know what we are up to. More of an update in August but for now off to do some more filming!!