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Hi all,

         Well I guess the needle is stuck in a rut as we are still working on the album!! We will say no more for now as we guess everybody knows what we are up to. Gig wise we are very busy and the new car is making it a lot better traveling to could almost say to easy!! Una is now getting us gigs all over the place!! We are also having fun with a new camera that we will be making videos with some time in the near future. Tony always fancied himself as a hollywood producer. Again lots to learn but we will try to have fun with it as well. It is interesting that sometimes at gigs people video us using  their phones. One or two have turned up on facebook and we will put links to them on our facebook page as we find them. It is a fascinating time trying to keep uptodate with all the technology people are using and who knows we may even try doing a live broadcast one day!! We will of course warn would be unfair if we didn't.  All this and the gigs will keep us busy for the next few months so we will crack on and remember you can always find out more about us on our facebook pages, come and say hello!!! thanks Tony and Una