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Hi all, 

          Well here we are, May and the winter is over....I know that because my legs have seen the sun!! infact, fair warning , they could be out again soon. As for the music well as ever working hard on the new video show. As usual the more you dig the harder it gets...who knew copyright laws were so hard to understand!! It appears that Youtube keep changing there minds regularly. Still we have been our filming in Shaftesbury and Salisbury already and who knows we may come to a town near you soon!!

        We have also released a single called Bad Bad boy.....well I say released, it is "out there" but in reality we were trying to test the system to make sure it would work for some exciting new music due in July/August. More about that nearer the time.

        As usual busy with live gigs as well, Lots of "outdoor" things to enjoy. Who knows we may even se you at a gig during the summer.

        Well  this has been a bit of a short update as we are busy practicing being David Baliey with the video.....who knew Tony would look like Poldark in the right lighting!!! Anyway till the next time....HAVE FUN!!!