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Hi all,

        We are starting to get the odd radio airplay of our single Fallen Stars so we thought we should thank and acknowledge the stations that have taken the time to listen and more importantly play our unsigned record. Some you can hear again, some are listen live only. If you can take the time to thank them be it on Facebook or a little message we would be thankful. It is so hard these days to get people to pay attention that your thanks will just make everyone feel a lot better. 

The list is not in any order, but if the show is coming up we will put the date and time info here. we will also list all interviews we have done again as a thank you to the radio stations.;

Allen Cox on beyond the dawn radio show

Our thanks to Allen for featuring us on his radio show CMS series 5 episode 20 as the final song on his show and for his nice comments! if you have the time go to the link below and have a listen, it is a good show! Hope you enjoy and remember to say thanks to Allen!!

Andy Bradford at Aiiradio

Andy did an radio interview with us and here is the link to have a listen. Aiiradio has been a good radio station for us over the years and nice to touch base with them again! we start the interview after about 1 hr into the show!

TheMarkyMarcanoShow Feat Crooked Flower 

This is a show in English and Italian from the USA! Our play time is listed on the page so just go there and it is cool to listen to it in Itallian!!

Feat Crooked Flower show

Talent cast radio show

Our heart felt thanks to those of you that voted for us and we managed to become the record of the week. This just means we get more radio play but it is the little things that matter to us. I can not give you a link as they play the songs "live" but the song Fallen Stars is out there somewhere in Europe!!

marky marcano show

This is a fun one as it is in another language!! nice that he likes the music enough to play it on his show next monday 23.5.2016. I think you can find his web site if you wish to listen or I will put up a link to listen again. Listen again is only available for one week.

WWK Unsigned show Billy Kelly

We are played at 22.00 min into the show

Acoustic and eclectic radio show Richard penguin (32min 50 sec in to show)


Round At Milligan's radio show (1hr 50 min into show)

Hit and Spin Radio

Song play and interviews on 30.3.2016 @ 8.35am    31.3.2016 @ 8.15am     4.4.2016 @ 9.15am     8.4.2016 @ 4.15pm     11.4.2016 @ 9.35am     14.4.2016 @ 4.35pm

The night flight radio show 4.3.2016 (You can listen again, just go to the show page on mixcloud)

Poptastic radio

Wednesdays and Sundays 7-8pm from 10.4.2016. Available on iTunes, Windows Media, Freebox, Sonos and many more ...

They have also given us a "Artists page" so please go have a look and remember to thank them!

Forest Folk radio show

go to and then search for  Forest Folk

We are in shows 4.4.2016,  7.3.2016,  29.2.2016,  22.2.2016,  18.1.2016  11.1.2016  19.4.2016

Well that is it for now, we will come back and update weekly so you are kept up to date with what is happening down here in deepest Dorset!