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   There are occasions in life where you sometimes just want to help, this is one of them. A young man named  Alrami is fighting for his life against Cancer. The costs of treatment is to much for his family to pay. Without treatment he will die. All we can do is write a song and hope that people will go and download the song and if enough people do this then the young lad has a fighting chance. It is a long story of how we got involved with this, but all that matters here is you go to this link and download the song we wrote called the Union of song here

If you download the song you will contribute to helping the funding for Alrami's treatment. We are not getting anything out of this other than sleeping better trying to help someone who is a lot worse off than us!!

Please go and download, we will be eternally grateful and should we make enough to help the family then YOU will be part of this great achievement. Show the world that you care!!


Tony and Una